Belgrade Plaza (MUP)
Region: Serbia
Project type: Apart-hotel and business center with a shopping gallery
Size: 70,000 sqm (GBA)
Completion: 2015-2016
Plaza share: 100
Project status: Planning stage

Belgrade Plaza (MUP) - Serbia

The new complex will be located on the prominent site of the former Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs, situated on the main street which runs through the center of Belgrade. The area is home to foreign embassies, Serbian Government and the Ministry of Finance. Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and Belgrade's largest public hospital are also nearby as well as the city fair and the future railway station.

Serbia is one of the south-eastern European nations where Plaza sees strong potential for future investment opportunities. Plaza also believes that the Belgrade market offers particular potential, with its large populated catchment area of approxiamtely 2.5 million people.

Belgrade has not, to date, benefited from "institutional grade" investment in retail or commercial real estate. This development will have particular significance in terms of providing a new commercial and cultural destination for both domestic and international visitors.

The 70,000 sqm scheme will comprise an apartment hotel, business center and shopping gallery as well as 700 car parking spaces.

Belgrade Plaza (MUP)

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